DashBoard Connect

DashBoard Connect is for products that for some reason don’t make sense as openGear® cards but that benefit from integration to the DashBoard control system. With DashBoard Connect, any equipment that has an Ethernet connection can appear in DashBoard. These frames can contribute alarm and signal status information alongside the openGear® card information. In addition, a DashBoard Connect compatible product can also be fully controlled from within DashBoard if that company desires. DashBoard Connect is made available at no cost and with no royalties required from either customers and other broadcast equipment manufacturers.

Implementing DashBoard Connect is quite straightforward; there is a simple no-fee license to sign. Once signed Ross Video provides all of the documentation required about the DashBoard Connect protocol. There is no software of any kind that is required to be written inside DashBoard by another company for their product to become DashBoard Connect compatible, they only have to implement the DashBoard Connect protocols within their products.