Control & Monitoring

AV6201A – Analog Video Distribution Amplifier

The AV6201A is an analog video distribution amplifier with a differential input designed for broadcast use.  It can provide up to eight outputs when used with a single card rear module and up to four outputs when used with a double card rear module in a OG3-FR-C frame.

The following features make the AV6201A the best solution for analog video distribution:

  • Equipped with a differential input
  • Offers input clamping
  • Has a +/- 3 dB trim to match levels
  • Higher density with up to 20 cards in a DFR-8320 frame
  • Handles NTSC or Pal composite signals
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fits openGear® OG3-FR-C series frames

AV6201A Manual

Product by:

Ward-Beck Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. is a supplier of audio and video signal handling equipment to the broadcast industry. Our expertise is the ability to provide cost effective engineered solutions for everyday broadcasting problems. We have a strong background in audio signal handling and our audio processing, conversion, extraction and monitoring products are used by the most discerning broadcasters worldwide.