Closed Caption Solutions

DE1285 HD Caption Decoder / VANC Monitor

Marking the first availability of EEG’s industry-leading closed captioning systems in a high-density frame-based configuration, the new DE1285 HD Caption Decoder/VANC Monitor card is a highly comprehensive monitoring solution for broadcasters and post production users. In a singular modular frame card operating on the openGear platform, DE1285 is an all-purpose closed caption decoder which creates an HD open caption display for monitoring CEA–708 data quality and full standards compliance, while also providing an extensive VANC monitoring suite.

The DE1285 card is the first of a full suite of the EEG Modular Captioning Systems for the openGear platform, which enable a unique flexible configuration for any CC workflow.


Product by:

EEG EEG is an industry leader in HD workflow. Based in Farmingdale, NY, EEGs reputation for innovation in closed captioning has led to a host of advanced new tools for broadcasters, content providers, and post production. Today EEGs hardware and software drives closed captioning, quality control, affiliate communications, VANC monitoring, AFD, and more. The company is also striving to lead the way in efficient Eco Friendly designs. With over 25 years of experience, EEG’s customer base includes an overwhelming majority of the cable and terrestrial networks, local broadcast stations and post facilities in North America.