Closed Caption Solutions

ComCC 1250 iCap Interface

The ComCC 1250 iCap Interface Card is a flexible I/O-driven tool for broadcast data routing and Closed Captioning. ComCC 1250 provides a powerful center of operations for a wide variety of key captioning-related needs for broadcasters and their data providers.

Enabled by the EEG iCap system, the ComCC 1250 greatly enhances workflow for local and remote communication over IP, modems, and serial ports, providing an unprecedented level of redundancy and reliability.

ComCC provides a powerful interface between the iCap system and multiple EEG Smart Encoder frame cards, HD480 and EN530 standalone encoders, and even other third-party encoders, while allowing captioners to connect simultaneously through IP and modem-based methodologies.

Capabilities include:

  • Share a single pair of phone lines across multiple HD480 encoders
  • Access all your encoders independently using iCap and/or dial-up
  • Two independent connection systems provide continuous full redundant backup
  • Configurable touch-tone routing system
  • Permanent logging of all iCap and dial-in transactions
  • Clone iCap or dial-in caption data to serial port or LAN-connected devices

Transform Your Live CC Workflow
The ComCC card can integrate connections between previously incompatible closed captioning methodologies, extending the system-wide benefits of iCap in logging, monitoring, and centralized control to realtime connections made by captioners using legacy dial-up methods, and to older EEG Smart Encoders lacking native support for the iCap protocol. Integration is even possible with third-party encoders or computer-based caption systems, using standard modem, TCP/IP or serial communication methods.

ComCC enables for the first time a low-profile, low-expense, closed captioning methodology that can include two fully redundant connection mechanisms, with either iCap over IP or dial-up modem captioning as the primary source, and the other as a hot-standby backup. An innovative point-to-multipoint architecture allows backup of multiple encoders with a single fixed telephone line, with the encoders individually addressable through ComCC. The result is increased reliability with decreased infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Additionally, ComCC offers a new ability to use iCap captioning technology in a completely local intranet environment. Ideal for situations where specialized IT or security restrictions exclude use of remote services, and where captioners will work in-house or connect through a VPN or other custom IP routing, ComCC enables a captioning-over-IP solution that maintains the unique iCap monitoring, logging, and transaction model. Local iCap models can also be enabled on a temporary basis for backing up network connections to the full remote iCap service.

As a customizable data bridge, ComCC can also be used for routing site-specific data between serial communications devices and IP-connected devices, and for point-to-multipoint serial communications emulation using the iCap multi-device access code model. Greatly simplified system designs are enabled for all types of data including archival or streaming Closed Captions, V-Chip, automation, triggers, time codes, and more. Status monitoring for iCap and other services is supported through industry-standard tally procedures, as well as export to EEG DE285 monitors.

Product by:

EEG EEG is an industry leader in HD workflow. Based in Farmingdale, NY, EEGs reputation for innovation in closed captioning has led to a host of advanced new tools for broadcasters, content providers, and post production. Today EEGs hardware and software drives closed captioning, quality control, affiliate communications, VANC monitoring, AFD, and more. The company is also striving to lead the way in efficient Eco Friendly designs. With over 25 years of experience, EEG’s customer base includes an overwhelming majority of the cable and terrestrial networks, local broadcast stations and post facilities in North America.