Closed Caption Solutions

CDP-100 VANC Captioning CDP Analyzer

The CDP-100 monitors captioning CDPs in a SMPTE 292 signal for compliance to the SMPTE 334 standard. It reports and logs any variances from the standard.

The card can either run continuously and log errors, or stop when it encounters an error. When stopping on an error it can stop immediately or it can stop so that the capture buffer is centered on the error. The product keeps track of when errors occur. Errors can be set to be handled as errors, as warning or to be ignored.

Monitoring can be done as an overlay on the video and/or through the Dashboard* interface.

Errors can be analyzed in three ways:

  • As an overlay on the video. Basic status information is shown on the top of the screen. This includes the video type, a captions presence indicator, a CDP error indicator and the current run state. Below this any errors are listed, one per line in as much detail as possible. Optionally, on the bottom of the screen is a caption window containing the text of the caption stream.
  • In Dashboard there are controls for running, stopping and clearing errors. There is a log of all errors and the time when each occurred. There is an upload facility to allow the captured CDPs to be moved to a PC for further analysis.
  • Detailed analysis is available on the PC. A separate application allows you to examine the captured CDPs in detail. You can look at any CDP in the capture, and the software breaks down all the bits and bytes of the CDP into the various parameters and structures. The application looks for and highlights any error.

* The CDP-100 offers a complete user interface through DashboardT, the free Java-based application that provides a common control and monitoring interface for multiple openGear® frames and cards.

The CDP-100 is Ideal for:

  • Use at media ingest to help reject poorly captioned content
  • Catching subtle caption errors before they cause problems further down the broadcast chain
  • Isolating issues with broadcast equipment and providing a detailed analysis which can be passed on to the manufacturer
  • Use by manufacturers to prove compliance with the captioning standards

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