Transport Stream Monitor

Product by: Ross Video Limited

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MPEG transport stream monitoring with GPI/O alarming.

The TSM-100 analyzes an MPEG-2 transport stream for compliance with standards and recommended practices, including ATSC A/78, TR 101 290, and SCTE-142.

TSM-100 inspects the presence and timing of critical MPEG components and verifies the integrity of the overall stream. It classifies each of the components based on the A78 categories:

  • TNC – Technically Non-Conformant
  • QOS – Quality of Service
  • CM – Component Missing
  • POA – Program Off Air
  • TOA – Transport Stream Off Air as well as OK

The status of various components is summarized in the overall quality level indicator, and an alarm can be generated to indicate a specified level. Simple alarm status and rich analysis information is also available.




  • Monitor MPEG-2 transport stream quality
  • Generate alarms if error level exceeds a specified threshold


The TSM-100 facilitates:

  • Unattended confidence monitoring of transport streams
  • Monitoring of multiple streams within an openGear® frame
  • Notification to other monitoring systems
  • 5-year transferable warranty


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