Transport Stream Identifier

Product by: Ross Video Limited

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Monitor and signal a remote device when an incorrect transport stream or no transport stream is present.

The TSI-100 monitors the ASI transport stream and provides a GPI/O output when the TSID is not correct. This signal may be used to control other devices or to signal the fault.

The TSI-100 is ideally suited for use in remote television broadcast translators to mute or power off the re-transmitter when the main broadcast goes off the air. It may also be used in a cable head-end for the same purpose.




  • Verify transport stream is correct by inspecting its TSID
  • GPI/O output to signal a problem or control another device
  • Ideal for muting translators when main transmitter is off air
  • Connection for both normally open and normally closed operation
  • 5-year transferable warranty


The TSI-100 provides remote control of:

  • Transmitters in a translator
  • Cable head-end channel input equipment
  • Signals a remote device or alarm when an incorrect transport stream or no transport stream is present
  • Simple setup, enter the TSID of the transport stream
  • 2 GPI/Os provide both normally open and normally closed signaling
  • Unattended operation, set it and forget it


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