Quad High Performance HD / SD Equalizing Distribution Amplifier

Product by: Ross Video Limited

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The QEA-8809 is a quad channel, HD distribution amplifier capable of equalizing all common serial digital signals, including HD / SD SDI. Non-inverting output drivers make this ideal for distributing DVB-ASI signals as well.

QEA-8809 uses an 18 HD-BNC rear module, which offers 2 channels of 1x4 distribution, and 2 channels of 1x3 distribution, making it ideal in space critical environments. Our highest density DA from Ross Video allows for up to 40 channels of distribution in a single openGear® frame, using 10 cards.

LED indicators at the front of the module identify the presence of incoming video, and the data rate for each independent channel.


  • Dual 1x4 and Dual 1x3, quad channel distribution amplifier
  • Equalizes all SDI signals from 143 Mb/s to 1.485 Gb/s
  • Non-inverting outputs perfect for DVB-ASI distribution
  • Automatic detection of incoming data rate
  • 18 HD-BNC rear module
  • 40 channels of distribution in a single frame
  • LED indicators for signal presence and data rate for each channel
  • Excellent input / output return loss specifications
  • Up to 10 QEA-8809 cards in the OG3-FR frames
  • 5-year transferable warranty
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