ADC-8733A-C (-SC)

Analog Component with 4 Channels of Analog Audio to SDI Converter

Product by: Ross Video Limited

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High quality conversion of analog component signals with 4 channels of audio to 270Mb/s SDI.

The ADC-8733A-C (-SC) is the perfect solution for converting analog component (YUV / RGB) sources with audio such as VTRs, into the digital realm. The component YUV / RGB video signal, with or without setup, is converted to digital using a 2x oversampled 12-bit A to D conversion and high quality digital filtering to ensure superb frequency response. Analog audio is converted at 24-bit resolution and offers adjustable ±10dBu of gain and delay up to 5 seconds.

The ADC-8733A-C includes the audio processing daughter card and features 4 channels of analog audio embedding plus all the ADC-8733A features.

The ADC-8733A-SC includes a frame synchronizer in addition to all the features available on the ADC-8733A and ADC-8733A-C.

The ADC-8733A-C comes standard with a built-in line delay and line synchronizer as well as advanced proc amp controls. The ADC-8733A-SC version comes with a frame synchronizer, capable of synchronizing incoming video and audio to house reference. Various timing modes are available to accommodate most situations. New techniques in frame synchronization contribute to the low power requirements and compact design.



  • Component video with 4 analog audio conversion to SDI input from Betacam, MII and SMPTE / EBU formats
  • All RGB input formats supported
  • Automatic 525 / 625-line selection
  • Programmable vertical interval blanking and signal pass-through
  • Extensive proc amp controls


  • Freeze modes, horizontal and vertical timing adjustments
  • 4 channels of analog audio embedded
  • 24-bit audio ADC resolution, adjustable gain and delay
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 8.5 watts


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