3G HD-SDI Fiber Transport for openGear

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The HD-4000 series of modules for the openGear platform provides flexibility in how you handle your SDI signal transport. Capable of handling SDI rates from 5 Mb/sec all the way up to 3 Gb/sec uncompressed, these cards will automatically detect the incoming signal and give you full control over re-clocking and routing.

The table (below), shows the 5 different card sets available in the HD-4000 line. With each module, you get the same control features that are available both on the front card edge (via dip switches) or through the openGear DashBoard software.

Model # Number of Signals Number of Fibers
4100 1 1
4200 2 2
4300 3 3
4400 4 4
4400-R1, 2, 3, 4 4 1

The true power of the 4000-Series is the ability to daisy chain up to five cards to create an 18-Channel, ONE Fiber, CWDM mux that is ideal for high-density signal trunking.

The HD-4000’s also incorporates an integrated cross-point matrix that allows not only the ability to assign a given input signal to one or more outputs but also to enable and disable outputs should the need arise. There’s also an automatic fail-over mode that, when selected, will switch to another input should the signal in the first input somehow fail. Embedded audio is fully supported. All outputs are non-inverting and ASI capable.

The HD-4000 is the cost-effective way to move all of your HD signals along with the convenience of a built-in switcher, remote monitoring and automatic fail-over protection switching. Designed and manufactured in New York.


  • Supports SMPTE
  • 424M, 292M, 310M & 259M
  • Re-clocking at 270Mbps, 1.483Gbps, 2.970 Gbps & DVB-ASI
  • Auto-detect of incoming data rate
  • Card-edge LEDs for signal presence, rate & other key parameters
  • Blind-mating SC fiber connectors
  • 4x4 Matrix/cross-point
  • 1,2,3 or 4 signals/card
  • Up to 18 signals/fiber
  • Up to 40 signals in 2RU
  • Dashboard enabled
  • Supports embedded audio & data


  • Studio links
  • Signal trunking
  • Signal distribution
  • Campus interconnects
  • Transmission links
  • Telco circuits
  • Outside Broadcast “B-Unit” interconnects
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