Audio Conversion

2HDP16DA: 3G HD-SDI Video Transmission with Audio over Fiber


A true advancement in the openGear® platform, the OPG-2HDP16DA is five products in one: video transport, audio embedding / de-embedding, signal routing, conversion and fiber transport. The OPG-2HDP16DA provides for the transmission of 2 independent channels of 3G HD-SDI, HD-SDI or SDI. Each channel utilizes a single fiber, and can optionally be multiplexed together.

OPG-2HDP16DA is capable of embedding or de-embedding any combination of 16 audio channels, both analog and digital (AES3). It features audio format conversion (A-to-D and D-to-A), the first openGear® card with this ability. The OPG-2HDP16DA also functions as a video and audio test pattern generator.

Additionally, the OPG-2HDP16DA is compatible with our innovative Optiva video, audio and data media transport system, enabling the most versatile, interoperability for 3G HD-SDI signal transport in the broadcast industry.

System Design

The OPG-2HDP16DA was designed to be fully compatible with the openGear® standard for terminal equipment design. This means that when you install an openGear® enclosure, you can then purchase additional insert cards from different manufacturers to be used in the same enclosure. The standard enclosure is a 19″ rackmount frame that can hold up to 20 insert cards. A separate module handles the management and control systems, and allows for local or remote interfaces. Each enclosure utilizes 2U of rack space, maximizing the overall usage of the equipment rack.

Product by:

Opticomm-EMCORE Opticomm-EMCORE is a leading provider of professional video, audio & data fiber optic systems for the Broadcast, Professional A/V, Security/Defense and Healthcare markets. EMCORE Corporation is a publicly held company (NASDAQ:EMKR) which acquired Opticomm in April 2007 to expand its vertically integrated portfolio of fiber optic transport solutions. Opticomm products are known for their high-quality and versatile capabilities, making them an excellent choice when evaluating fiber optic transport solution providers.