Audio Conversion

M6202AE – HD/SD-SDI Demuxer with intergral Dolby E/AC3 Decoder

The M6202AE is an HD/SDSDI AES/EBU Audio Demuxer with integral Dolby decoder designed for broadcast use. If the M6202AE is used as a demuxer only it can extract up to two groups an SDSDI or HDSDI signal. When the M6202AE is used as a Dolby decoder, it becomes a one group demuxer.

The M6202AE will extract embedded audio in accordance with SMPTE 272M & SMPTE 299M standards and can decode Dolby E or Dolby digital signals according to the mode selected. The M6202AE will also extract the metadata from the Dolby signal and present it at its output.

Cable equalization and reclocking techniques enable the M6202AE to recover the incoming SDSDI or HDSDI signal reliably.

With the appropriate rear module installed the M6202AE can provide either balanced 110 Ohm AES/EBU outputs or unbalanced 75 Ohm AES/EBU outputs.

M6202AE Manual.

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Ward-Beck Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. is a supplier of audio and video signal handling equipment to the broadcast industry. Our expertise is the ability to provide cost effective engineered solutions for everyday broadcasting problems. We have a strong background in audio signal handling and our audio processing, conversion, extraction and monitoring products are used by the most discerning broadcasters worldwide.