Audio Conversion

D6203A – Analog to Digital Audio Converter

The D6203Ais an analog to AES/EBU digital audio converter designed for broadcast use. It provides digital to analog audio conversion along with AES/EBU signal distribution.The D6203A supports audio sampling frequencies from 30kHz to 192 kHz. It converts the incoming stereo analog audio signal to a AES/EBU digital audio signal using 24 bit conversion technology.

The D6203A is housed in the openGear® DFR8300 series frames.

D6203A Manual.

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Ward-Beck Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. is a supplier of audio and video signal handling equipment to the broadcast industry. Our expertise is the ability to provide cost effective engineered solutions for everyday broadcasting problems. We have a strong background in audio signal handling and our audio processing, conversion, extraction and monitoring products are used by the most discerning broadcasters worldwide.