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D6201A – AES/EBU Reclocking Distribution Amplifier 75 Ohm

The D6201A is a digital audio distribution amplifier designed specifically for use in 75 Ohm, unbalanced, coaxial cable installations. The D6201A has one input and can provide up to eight outputs depending on the rear module installed.

Features such as cable equalization and data reclocking allow the unit to reliably recover the incoming digital signal. Lock, No Lock and EQ LED indicators are all visible from the front edge of the card. Located on the front edge of the card is the EQ insert switch, which automatically activates the cable equalization without having to set any jumpers. The D6201A is capable of handling all AES/EBU sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz.

The D6201A also works with dashboard remote control and monitoring software.

For installations that require 110 Ohm balanced AES/EBU signals, please specify the D6202A.

D6201A Manual

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