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Cobalt Digital SpotCheck-1000 Transport Stream Compliance Monitor

SpotCheck(TM) provides easy to use, no-guesswork, automatic A/85 and EBU R128 loudness measurement and access to to audio loudness records. Because SpotCheck™ monitors an IP, ASI, or a transmitted over-the-air MPEG stream at the transmit (emission) encode point, SpotCheck™ measures and logs loudness for all programming emanating from the facility.

Segments can be searched using date – time using the intuitive display of loudness plots along with date/time-stamped thumbnails of the actual corresponding programming, or can optionally be queried and correlated using a database relationship with the facility as-run automation list. SpotCheck™ readily pinpoints any segments that are out of CALM A/85 or EBU R128 compliance, and conversely helps in documenting compliance should an erroneous complaint appear.

Requiring no breakout from the MPEG stream and not affecting the emission stream in any way, SpotCheck™ provides an easily integrated, facility-based, powerful solution for loudness records and compliance interrogation and verification

  • Automatic 24/7 loudness measurement and logging for every programming segment sent as emission. Full CALM and EBU R128 compliant logging and record access.
  • Easy data search by Date/Time Range (and optionally as-run data) allows rapid and no-hassle pinpointing to any programming segment
  • Web client support for sending loudness alerts to multiple personnel. User-defined multiple-level severity escalation.
  • Straightforward display of actual loudness plot and clear OK/non-compliant tagging of programming segments – no tedious lists or spreadsheets to analyze
  • Full compatibility with MPTS and SPTS streams
  • Direct GigE MPEG, ASI, or OTA interface. No complicated external breakout of signals
  • Automatically accounts for program loudness, dialnorm, and DRC effect on audio – no interpretation of readings or loudness metadata needed.
  • 1RU space-efficient size
  • Ethernet control/data interface accommodates integration with facility IT for long-term logging/thumbnail storage
  • Three year warranty with extension options available

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Cobalt Digital Cobalt continually develops award-winning, unique solutions, maximizing capacity and packaging economy such as same-card Dolby® E/Dolby® D transcoding, quad-stream independent Dolby® D encoding, full-feature density (such as single-card scaler/framesync and loudness processing), and HDBNC and DIN 1.0/2.3 high-density connectorization. Quality is evident in both engineering design and advanced manufacturing. Unique engineering advances such as glitch-free audio resync are found in our principle frame sync products and event-based automated card setup. Robust manufacturing uses the latest in component advances and multi-layer PCB technology — all backed by our 5-year warranty.