4K / UHD


RAPTOR-EDGE is the one product you’ll need to meet all the evolving demands of your production infrastructure. Through its software-definable media processing  and transport-agnostic hardware , the RAPTOR-EDGE moves openGear media processing towards a virtualized infrastructure.

Built upon the flexible RAPTOR platform, RAPTOR-EDGE implements an IP gateway featuring benchmark interoperability for live environments based on the AIMS roadmap. The RAPTOR-EDGE also presents a dedicated, software-defined media processing engine, which will host a growing and comprehensive set of media processing applications.

For environments already committed to an IP infrastructure, RAPTOR-EDGE provides an ideal gateway to legacy SDI devices, adding the benefit of integrated in-line media processing. For SDI environments, RAPTOR-EDGE offers classic connectivity and processing with the peace-of-mind of a cost-effective software upgrade to IP in the future. RAPTOR-EDGE is a lasting investment designed to meet all the evolving demands of your production infrastructure.

Key Features

• High-density: up to 5 RAPTOR-EDGE modules may be mounted into an openGear 3.0 frame offering up to 60 video streams and 960 audio streams of signal bridging in a compact, 2RU package.

• Worry-free interoperability via multiple-protocol support and COVELOZ Inside™ technology.

• Flexibly maps up to 16 embedded audio streams per SDI through integrated audio fabric.

• Cleanly integrates into SDI environments with RP 168 vertically accurate or optional clean and quiet switching.

• Seamless resiliency is achieved via primary and redundant 10GbE SFP+ interfaces.

• Freedom to choose your desired broadcast control application, through support of industrystandard API’s for registration, discovery and connection management.

• Supports DashBoard™ for easy-to-use control, monitoring and connection management.


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