Advanced Audio Processing

Cobalt Digital 9372-EMDE Dual-Stream SDI – AES – MADI Embedder/De-embedder

The 9372 offers a comprehensive solution for digital audio transport conversion and embedding/de-embedding. A full unrestricted audio crosspoint provides channel routing between any channels on up to two SDI streams, discrete AES-3id, and AES-10 MADI interfaces.

The card MADI interface supports a 64-channel payload at the industry standard 48 kHz sampling rate, and can reliably receive from 1694A cable runs up to 250m, thereby allowing longer MADI cable runs without resorting to fiber cabling. All SDI embedding and SDI output timing is timed in common to a selected timing source. A built-in DAC provides a convenient 2-channel confidence analog monitor output that can monitor any selected output or mixed output selections. The line-level output directly interfaces with audio monitoring units or powered monitors.

Utilizing the openGear® open-architecture platform, the 9372 offers scalable incorporation and the easy-to-use DashBoard™ setup and control operator interface. Full user remote and card-edge monitor/control allows full card status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network.

  • Unrestricted de-embed/embed from multiple digital audio sources – embedded SDI audio, MADI, and discrete AES-3id (BNC) – all on the same card
  • De-embed, route, channel swap, mix, and embed between up to four discrete SDI streams and discrete digital streams
  • Built-in flexible general-purpose mixing between any audio channels from any input to any card output
  • Up to 250m 1694A MADI receive capability
  • Built-in 2-channel analog audio confidence monitor output port allows direct confidence monitoring of dedicated or mixed channel outputs
  • Built-in multi-frequency configurable tone generators
  • Remote control/monitoring via DashBoard™ software
  • Five year warranty

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Cobalt Digital Cobalt continually develops award-winning, unique solutions, maximizing capacity and packaging economy such as same-card Dolby® E/Dolby® D transcoding, quad-stream independent Dolby® D encoding, full-feature density (such as single-card scaler/framesync and loudness processing), and HDBNC and DIN 1.0/2.3 high-density connectorization. Quality is evident in both engineering design and advanced manufacturing. Unique engineering advances such as glitch-free audio resync are found in our principle frame sync products and event-based automated card setup. Robust manufacturing uses the latest in component advances and multi-layer PCB technology — all backed by our 5-year warranty.