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DashBoard Control System

The OG3 openGear frame offers remote control & monitoring with the combination of the MFC-8322-N network interface card, and DashBoard application. This offering allows users to remotely monitor and control parameters on openGear modules that support remote control. Remote control simplifies the setup of numerous modules in a large installation and offers the ability to centralize monitoring.

The control system is built on Ethernet and TCP/IP, which allows remote access across both LAN and WAN architectures. The control system offered by Ross is unique, as it operates under a well-defined protocol, which is available to all openGear partners. This enables Dashboard to control and monitor partner solutions.

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Available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

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A network of frames and cards can be monitored allowing end users to quickly isolate and correct potential problems from a central monitoring station.

Three levels of monitoring/alarms are available:

• Green – system is performing with no known errors
• Yellow – minor alarm indicating a potential problem
• Red – major alarm

Alarms raised by devices in the frame bubble up to the upper most level, making it quick and easy to identify potential failures or problems, and to drill-down to the root cause.

The control system offers real-time control of module parameters. Parameter types vary depending on module functionality. The openGear devices define their controllable parameters and layout to DashBoard, so the control interface is always up-to-date.

Modules can be upgraded, both software and firmware, in the field. The upgrade utility verifies firmware and software upgrades against module hardware in the frame and prevents accidental loading of incorrect files to the wrong the hardware.

All openGear solutions can be controlled using DashBoard without the need to upload custom GUIs or install proprietary software. DashBoard offers the ability to view multiple frames with full control and alarming of all populated slots inside a frame. openGear frames are automatically discovered and are available in the TreeView where they can be custom identified, collapsed to view just the frame or opened to view available devices in the frame. Device control and monitoring is simple and easy. openGear device GUI’s give a quick summary view window displaying the current state of the device, such as input and reference presences, output standard, etc. Control is simplified with multiple categories that group common parameters such as Timing Control, Output Configuration, Proc Control and Alarm Configuration.

DashBoard also offers the ability to upgrade software on devices in the field without the need to replace any on-board components. Batch software upgrades allow multiple cards, of the same model, to be upgraded at one time, right from any DashBoard terminal on the network.

DashBoard allows for multiple control windows to be active and available on one screen which is useful when a functional path involves more than a single device.

DashBoard device window layouts can quickly be saved and recalled, allowing for quick access to frequently used devices. Layouts can consist of a single device window, multiple device windows displayed full screen in tabs, or multiple devices on one shared screen.

New with version 6.0 of DashBoard, PanelBuilder™ allows users to create custom control interfaces with any combination of openGear control and monitoring parameters from any combination of openGear cards and frames. Users can build graphical navigation layouts based on signal flow or equipment location for efficient device and signal monitoring. Custom control panels layouts can provide user, or function specific control windows for specific events or situations that require quick access to various parameters from multiple cards.

Operators can now work with uncluttered, efficient, by using PanelBuilder to create GUIs’s that are specific to their particular application, and that can include controls from multiple different devices in a single panel.

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